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2019 Back Numbers for Coats

This is an initial list *note not everyone is registered* if you have a name correction please send an email to (spelling used on this list was from entries)

Updated 11/7/2019 (spelling used on this list was from entries)

2019 Finals Information


Welcome Letter


Congratulations on Qualifying to the 2019 Junior World Finals, below please find some important details regarding the most prestigious event for youth rodeo.  We hope to cover many questions and answers in this document. Please refer to the JRA Rule book for specific event rules. Once this document is reviewed and your contestant entry form is filled out and entry fees paid; you will receive an email from Las Vegas Events/Saddle Book. Please be sure to register with Saddle Book and Las Vegas Events for additional information regarding this event. All of our results will be tracked with Saddle Book. Please note that the linked form is only step one. You will receive an email regarding step 2 once your entry fees are paid. The email you provide will be the primary contact for future information (please make sure the email is correct). The Email for Step Two will come from Las Vegas Events/Saddle Book. This email may not come out until after October 14th or when your entry fees have been paid. 

Contestant Information and Fee's Can be collected by clicking on  the red “Enter Here Icon”

Wednesday December 4, 2019 

Event Check-in and Equipment Check- (final room location will be provided on or before November 15, 2019) Check-in is for contestant and one companion only. PLEASE come at your designated check-in time. Anyone that comes early will not be granted access to the building.  Back numbers will be handed out during check-in. Please note that the Event Coats and Buckles are being coordinated by Las Vegas Events in Step 2 of your registration (when entering, please note which booths to pick-up coats and buckles). We will be conducting weigh-ins, checking equipment, collecting raffle tickets and handing out back numbers and awards ceremony tickets at check-in. Check in will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Check in Time:

Juniors 11:00am-11:45am

Seniors 12:00pm-12:45pm

Novice 1:00pm-1:45pm

Peewee 2:00pm-2:45pm


Back Number Ceremony and Contestant Orientation “Guest Speaker Braxten Nielson” (meet and great 4:30-5:30, Ceremony will begin at 5:30).   

Host Location Renaissance Hotel 

Event Schedule- Please follow for up to date event start times. Las Vegas Events will be updating buck out times on the Official NFR Experience Page

Thursday-December 5, 2019    


Peewee and Junior Bareback 

Senior and Novice Saddle Bronc

Friday-December 6, 2019 


Peewee and Junior Saddle Bronc 

Senior and Novice Bareback

Saturday-December 7, 2019 


Peewee and Junior Bareback 

Senior and Novice Saddle Bronc

Sunday-December 8, 2019 


Peewee and Junior Saddle Bronc 

Senior and Novice Bareback

SHORT-Round Awards and  

Short-round Cowboy Auction. Host Location Renaissance Hotel  (Time TBD)

Monday-December 09, 2019 


Short Round for All Events (Top 10 from each event)

Awards Ceremony- (Event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center)

Tuesday-December 10, 2019

Awards Presentation (No Meal-Awards Only)

Please Dress Nice

Final Room Location will be Sent out on or before November 15th

Time- 10:00a.m-12:00p.m.


Rodeo Attire is always required behind the bucking chutes (we will not be designating shirt colors this year). 

Raffle Tickets

All Contestants will be mailed raffle tickets to sell, once their registration is complete and entry fees are paid (First Round of Raffle tickets will be sent out no later than November 10, 2019, raffle tickets will be collected at check -in on December 4th). This will give each child approximately 20 days to sell tickets.  All contestants are required to sell 20 raffle tickets. Tickets will be collected at check-in. Any contestants wanting to sell more tickets are encouraged to. 50% of all ticket sales sold beyond the first 20 tickets will be paid back to the contestants to go towards costs associated with the event. Raffle tickets can be requested up until November 20, 2019. All raffle ticket funds must be turned in at check-in. Raffle ticket money helps offset the cost of feed for the stock as well as covers the cost for arena personnel and contractor hotels. 

Full Size Stand-ups

Full Size Stand-ups will be sold for $160. If you would like the pop-up stand they will be $15 more (I highly encourage this, it is much easier to bring the stand-up home). Contestants are allowed to sell four $250 Sponsorships on their stand-ups. Pictures for stand-up must be AT LEAST 3MB (larger files size is preferred) and be a forward facing photograph. No equipment in the pictures please. Please email pictures to: on or before November 5, 2019. Please only send one picture. When emailing your picture please include contestants age group, last name and first name both in the email memo as well as the file name. For Example: PeeWeeSmithJohn.  You can place sponsor stickers on your stand-up or include them on the picture that you send in (you can have the sponsors digitally placed on your image, or on your shirt, chaps, vests etc.), please make sure all logos are included on the image you send in, no logo’s will be added on during production. Stand-ups from previous years cannot be re-used at this event. 

Program Ads

Please see attached photo for ad sizes/specifications. All ads must be paid in full. Ads must be sent in fully designed. Please email ads to  on or before November 15, 2019. Programs will be on sale for $1. Please be sure to include contestants age group, last name and first name in the file name as well as the memo line when emailing the file. For example: PeeWeeSmithJohn 

Coats and Qualifier Buckles

Coats and Qualifier Buckles can be purchased on the link that will be sent out from Las Vegas Events during Step 2 of your registration. Coats are only $100 for youth and $125 for adult sizes.

Host Hotels

Hotels that are available at a discounted rate are Sam’s Town and The Spring Hill Suites

Information for Sam’s Town can be found on the email that will be sent out from Las Vegas Events.


All transportation to and from the event is the responsibility of the contestant.

Pay Out 

A guaranteed payout of 60% will be made plus prizes through 6th place and added money. Note that total prize payout per age group will be defined on number of contestants entered. 

All payout information can be found in the JRA Rule Book


Both contestants and companions will be allowed behind the chutes on the day the contestants rides only. Please refer to the JRA Rule book for additional details regarding companions.

Contestant Cowboy Auction

We will offer a cowboy auction again this year. The cowboy auction will open on November 20th and will end on December 6th at 10pm. All auctions will be held online. The Cowboy Auction payout will be 60/40. Starting bid for the auction will be $50. A Short Round Auction “may” transpire as well. 

Back Numbers

Back Numbers will be assigned once all entries are complete (on or before November 15, 2019)


All Forms and payments must be completed by November 15, 2019

Event Tickets

Tickets will be available for purchase daily at the event.  Tickets are sold by Las Vegas Events

Stock Draw

First Round Stock Draw will be posted at Check-in

Second Round and Short Round Stock Draw will be posted at the event each day. Please use Stock Sticker Number to identify your animal.  

Event Merchandise

Please stay tuned for locations you can purchase 2019 JRA Merchandise


Bull Stock Media will be the Official Photographers for the Jr World Finals (they will have picture packages available for purchase on their website). All individual, event and group pictures will be coordinated by Bull Stock Media.

Autograph Sheets

Each contestant will be assigned one autograph signing session, autograph cards are optional. If you would like generic autograph cards please email Most contestants that bring their own autograph cards typically bring 25-40.

School Release Letter

A letter will be available for print on or before November 15, 2019. The dates reflected in the school release letter will be December 4th-10th. 

Additional Information

Please contact us with any additional questions. It is always a great resource to reach out to other families that have attended the event before. It is very busy, yet a great experience for all of the kids. Best way for contact is 

Once again Congratulations and we will see you in Las Vegas

Current Prgram Ad's Please Review

This is our current list of contestants that purchased ads! If you think you should be on this list and are not please email If you did not submit your ad prior to 11/15 like asked please do so ASAP.  No ads will be accepted via email after 11/18  email ads to

115 Cooper Caldwell Full Page, 1/2 Page
130 Shayde Volk Full Page
121 Kash Loyd Full Page
85 Logan Werner Full Page
71 Collin Roland Full Page
66 Ty Fladeland Full Page
44 Rhody Niles Full Page
43 Kayson Jensen Full Page
33 Bradlee  Miller  Full Page
25 Rodee Owen DeMers Full Page
22 Jaspur Farris Full Page
20 Brant Cookston Full Page
211 Dakota Graham Business Card
127 Riley  Baird Business Card
118 Hayden Suttee Business Card
75 Darreston Rohatinsky Business Card
65 Trapper Bond Business Card
28 Tucker Cart Business Card
27 Ryder Topolinski Business Card
100 Holden Atkinson 1/4 Page Ad
147 David Biggins 1/4 Page
90 Taylon Carmody 1/4 Page
83 Lane Leeper 1/4 Page
24 Cayden Burkholder 1/4 Page
40 Jacoby Campbell 1/4 Oage
116 Damian Westenskow 1/2 Page
82 Kross Smith 1/2 Page
53 Deaglan Lundquist 1/2 Page
52 Dallas Albertson 1/2 Page
37 Colton Farrow 1/2 Page
35 Chase Baldree 1/2 Page
26 Layn Claxton 1/2 Page
 Lazy 3S  Full Page
 406 Rodeo  Full Page
 Bronc  DeMers Ful Page

Life Size Pop-ups

All Life Size Pop up Pictures should have been submitted on or before 11/15. If you have not done so yet please email your image to  If you feel your name should be on this list for a pop up and is not please email  No images will be accepted after 11/18/2019

210 Joey Lindberg 1

159 Whip Garrett Gertner 1

158 Truitt Harris 1

157 Siddalee Suppah 1

156 Ryggan Lambley 1

155 Jaret Whitaker 1

153 Brody Bisetti 1

152 Tiber Jones 1

150 Kade King 1

148 Hayes Weinberger 1

146 Brenner Jones 1

141 Decker Jones 1

140 Chet Meston 1

138 Brody Froelich 1

134 Tyson Schmelzle 1

133 Triston Hall 1

129 Rowdy Mott 1

126 Peter Jones 1

125 Pacen Hemingson 1

124 Lealond Henderson 1

123 Lane Stuwe 1

119 Jaxson Thurmon 1

114 Colton Stark 1

111 Caleb Taylor 1

110 Brazos Heck 1

109 Braydon Williams Bailey 1

108 Aidyn Garwood 1

107 Ty Brenna 1

106 Shelby Lukehart 1

105 Paul Allyn OHair 1

102 Lane Shawley 1

101 Jackson Ford 1

98 Cooper James 1

97 Colton Steiber 1

95 Blake Blanchard 1

93 Wyatt Kraft 1

89 Tate Schlueter 1

88 Tanner Bruton 1

86 Mason Yancy 1


80 Kashton Ford 1

74 Cutter Kluser 1

62 Sage Kvien 1

61 Lucas Moulton 1

60 Jax Meston 1

56 Frank Florez 1

54 Dominic Christensen 1

42 Juan Bustamante 1

41 Joseph Roberts 1

39 Hayden James 1

36 Chase Yellowhawk 1

34 Caleb Tyra 1

32 Auzyn Corr 1

29 Westin Clemens 1

15 Isaiah Florendo 1

11 Cooper Cano 1

10 Clint Rutherford 1

115 Cooper Caldwell 1

130 Shayde Volk 1

121 Kash Loyd 1

66 Ty Fladeland 1

44 Rhody Niles 1

43 Kayson Jensen 1

33 Bradlee Miller 1

20 Brant Cookston 1

211 Dakota Graham 1

75 Darreston Rohatinsky 1

65 Trapper Bond 1

28 Tucker Cart 1

27 Ryder Topolinski 1

100 Holden Atkinson 1

147 David Biggins 1

90 Taylon Carmody 1

24 Cayden Burkholder 1

40 Jacoby Campbell 1

82 Kross Smith 1

53 Deaglan Lundquist 1


35 Chase Baldree 1

26 Layn Claxton 1

SA Casen Gines 1

21 Eylam Podolak 2

19 Wyatt Freeman 2

18 Morgan Buckingham 2

22 Jaspur Farris 2

SA Bronc DeMers 2

78 Jacob Cook 3

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National Tour Events

all payouts will be mailed 10 business days after last event date (not the last day you compete) unless event pays out at event.  

January 4th-5th and January 9th-12th

Odessa, Texas Tour Stop

7pm Nightly (Check in 1 hour early)

Odessa Texas

Event Details

January 4th-5th and January 9th-12th

7pm Nightly (Check in 1 hour early)

Odessa Texas

February 27th-28th and March 1st-2nd

Intermountain Ice Breaker


Golden Spike Arena, Ogden Utah

Event Details

February 27th-28th and March 1st-2nd

Intermountain Ice Breaker

Senior and Novice Tour Stop Entry and Entry Information can be found at 


Golden Spike Arena, Ogden Utah

March 7-10

Rodeo Scottsdale PRCA Tour Rodeo

7pm - 10pm

West World, Scottsdale AZ

Event Details

March 16, 2019

PRCA Rodeo Corinth MS

10 am

Corinth, MS

Event Details

June 7-8

Overland Stage

Overland Wyoming

Event Details

June 7-8

Overland Stage

Overland Wyoming

More Events



Bucking to Vegas 2019

The Junior Roughstock Association is the official qualifying system to The Junior World Finals for both Bareback and Saddle Bronc Riding. 


Contestants can qualify in two of 10 Regions or on the National Tour


Come be a part of The Future of Rodeo

We hope to see you down the rodeo trail. To get your JRA Contestant Card Click Here

Regional Finals Schedule

Sept. 5-7th    Montana      Darby, MT

Sept. 14-15th  North Esst    TBD

Sept. 21st        Texas            Conroe, TX

Sept.                 Central         Liberal, KS

Sept. 28th       South East   Bastrop, LA

Sept. 28-29th West Coast  Woodland, CA

Sept. 28-29th High Plains  Fort Pierre, SD 

Oct. 5th.          Mountain     Ogden, UT

Oct. 26-27th  Desert           Cave Creek, AZ

TBD                  Tour.              TBD 


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